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PEDERO Pipe Support Systems was the first company in North America to use exclusively polyurethane foam for Trench Breakers, Pillows, Rock Shield, and Joints. We have been in business for over 40 years and during that time we have advanced the technology of polyurethane foam to a whole new level.


We’ve been able to prove to the companies just how fast and safe and set on time our foam really is compared to the competitors.

MICKEY LANGSTON – General Superintendent, Rockford



Water barriers or breakers are built without the aid of a form, and can be sprayed vertically from the top of the ditch, eliminating hazard.


Polyurethane ditch pillows are used to support pipe from laying on rock or rough surfaces so the protective coating is not damaged.

Rock Shield

Rock shielding is a fast, effective alternative to rockguard or sand and can be applied on the most rugged of terrain.


Pedero designed, tested, and patented the first insulated injected polyurethane joints system in Canada.