The Company

Westell Pipe Support Systems was the first company in North America to use exclusively polyurethane foam for Trench Breakers, Pillows, Rock Shield, and Joints. We have been in business for over 40 years and during that time we have advanced the technology of polyurethane foam to a whole new level.

There are three reasons why
Westell Pipeline Foam©  
is superior:

Exclusive Polyurethane Formula 
Westell Pipeline Foam ©

Proprietary Technology Design
Optimizes Volume & Standard

40+ Years of Experience
Operators are All Trained by PEDERO

The Product

We have proprietary rights to the polyol formula in the US known as Pedero Pipeline Foam. Pedero’s proprietary foam formula is produced under the strictest ISO regulations, thus ensuring high quality goes into every Pillow and Breaker we spray. Because of this exclusive formula, our foam can be accurately sprayed up to 300 feet from the rig. Our formula is the only one you can count on not to cause pipe buckling or combustion fires. If you have heard any unfavorable news about polyurethane foam, it most assuredly was not Westell©.

The Equipment

Westell has a fleet of rigs allowing quick deployment to multiple job sites. Our expert technicians are constantly upgrading the trucks with the latest advancements and new equipment. This standard allows us to maintain that we are North America’s Most Experienced Pipeline Foam Company. Our equipment not only produces the highest quality Breakers & Pillows, it also does it up to 10 times faster than our competition. Your project will not only be right, it will done on-time and on-budget. Our proprietary equipment and patented spray technology ensure the safest, fastest and highest quality of work in the industry