Water barriers or breakers are built without the aid of a form, and can be sprayed vertically without the need to pyramid as is the case with sand bags. One Pedero unit with a crew of two can easily spray 100 breakers on 16” pipe, and keep up with the pipeline spread. With an average of 3 minutes per breaker vs. our competition’s 45 minutes Pedero is an easy choice. Polyurethane foam breakers are also much faster and economical than an 8-10 man sand bag crew.


Polyurethane ditch pillows are used to support pipe from laying on rock or rough surfaces so the protective coating is not damaged. Pillows can also be preformed on site. These are lightweight and easy to install from the top of the ditch. A mobile pillow facility can be located in the pipeline vicinity. There is no need to transport long distances. Pillows can also be sprayed in place on the job site.

Rock Shield

Rock shielding is a fast, effective alternative to rockguard or sand and can be applied on the most rugged of terrain. Pedero’s mobile 4X4 units can reach the most remote sites where sand trucks cannot. Usually put on to the pipe 2″ thick, a crew of two can do over 5 km of 2″ pipe per day. Time of course varies and will slow as the diameter of the pipe increases.

Injected Polyurethane Joints

Pedero’s system is an injection mold process where a specially developed polyurethane foam is injected into a mold fitted over the weld gap on the pipe. This polyurethane foam then expands in all directions to completely fill the void at the weld gap. When the foam expands, it bonds to the existing foam around the pipe on both sides of the weld leaving a completely sealed weld joint. The injected foam has the same “R” value and compressive strength as the existing foam on the lengths of pipe.